A PopGrip is all of the following: it’s a grip. It’s a stand. It’s a chance for you to show off your style, whenever you want, however you want. 

PopGrips aren’t just for your phone, either. You can also use them on your tablet and e-reader for some additional comfort while reading, viewing, or browsing through media. 

PopSockets products are engineered to be super sticky, and they are most compatible with smooth, flat surfaces. PopSockets products will not stick to silicone, highly textured, and many soft cases on the market. They also will not stick to iPhone 11 models without a suitable case.
PopGrips are made from polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane, and are composed of three parts: 

  • The base, which is the circular part that sticks to your phone
  • The accordion, which is the collapsible piece 
  • The PopTop, which is the design portion of the PopGrip 

PopGrips can be un-stuck and re-stuck to surfaces an unlimited number of times. If the sticky gel on the back of your PopGrip gets dirty, just give it a quick rinse and let it dry. Remember, your PopGrip shouldn't be exposed to air for more than 15 minutes or the gel will dry out. PopGrips are designed to expand and collapse 12,000 times before calling it quits.