PopWallet og PopWallet +

The PopWallet is a sleek way for users to carry their phone and wallet all in one mechanism. The PopWallet can hold up to three cards in it without stretching out, and uses the same adhesive technology as our original PopGrip does. The PopWallet can also be detached and used independently as well, so if you’re attending a concert, movie, etc. you can easily remove your wallet and ditch your phone for the evening. If you're using a glass-backed phone like the iPhone8 or iPhoneX, be sure to use the liner disc provided between the adhesive and the back of your phone.

The PopWallet + is the same device, but with a PopGrip built in. Not only does it give you the convenience of having your necessities all in one place, but it also allows you to grip your phone comfortably, prop it, or mount it. 

The PopWallet + is also swappable, so you can change your PopTop out as often as you’d like to.